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AristoPartners is the “brain-child” of three former McKinsey consultants and Kellogg, Northwestern classmates with >50 years of Strategy, Operational and Financial expertise.

idea behind AristoPartners

When we launched in 2012, in spite of our varied interests and backgrounds there was one important thing in common: we each tried to raise money for something we were passionate about, but came up short. Not because we did not have great ideas, a stellar network or willingness to work hard, but because the traditional funding models were broken and not aligned to our best interests. These models required us to either:

  • Give up significant amount of equity (e.g., >40% in some cases) upfront
  • Share control of our company with others
  • Put at risk significant amount of personal assets
  • Or take on investors that offered little to no advisory on how we should grow

As a result we were determined to find a solution to the problem.

AristoPartners was born; the non-dilutive capital and world-class strategic, operational advisory solution that empowers disruptive, creative entrepreneurs to deliver their “big-ideas” and consequently drive social impact.



AristoPartners offers revenue-based financing (RBF) to growth start-ups and/or mature small businesses in the form of non-dilutive capital, with little or no control and does not ask for personal asset guarantees/ fixed assets as collateral. A good way to think about revenue-based funding (RBF) is as a revenue share between the investor and entrepreneur.


Instead of collecting fixed monthly interest payments like a typical bank loan, a Revenue-loan is paid as a small percentage of monthly revenues (i.e., so in months you don’t make money we don’t get paid). Payments continue until we reach a pre-defined target return on invested capital is achieved.


Sectors we focus on are Healthcare, Consumer products and Technology with an emphasis on service oriented businesses. However we do consider investments in other business sectors periodically.


our investment philosophy

  • Display highest integrity, honesty and ethics in all our actions
  • Invest and believe in great people and teams
  • Believe in big, bold ideas that solve real problems
  • Focus on the small wins, as they lead to big ones
  • Value creativity and problem solving
  • Appreciate teams that drive capital maximization


Requirements for qualifying

On average, deals we consider are companies with >200K annual revenues & 30%+ gross margin looking for capital in the amount equal to ~10%–30% of annual revenues.

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